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We help Canadians nationwide determine which application best suits their needs by assessing their criminal convictions, goals or obstacles, and financial situation.



Our knowledgeable staff has a combined 20+ years of experience filing government applications involving individuals with criminal records. We work across Canada with 100’s of clients with problems resulting from having a criminal record. Our experienced staff of legal experts will help you obtain travel documents that allow you to travel freely or help you seal your record permanently from the system.


While the internet has helped bring a new level of convenience to almost everything we do and we think the application process for applying for a waiver or a pardon should be next. Applying for a Pardons (Record Suspensions) shouldn’t be full of hassles, headaches, and waiting for an approval. Instead, there should be transparency, anytime accessibility, multiple options, and the ability to receive answers on inquiries. This will be the future for the government application process and we’re focused on leading the way starting with U.S entry waivers and Pardons (Record Suspensions).


We will ask you a number of detailed questions before we begin working on your case. We will be direct on the type of results you can expect. If you are comfortable with the information we have provided, we will go through the formal application process and fees with you. We will tell you the approximate amount of time required to complete each step and the expected results. You will see that we are direct, honest and easy to deal with. Our fees are reasonable and our service is exemplary.

See if you're Qualified
Criminal Record Assessment

1. In the last 5 years have you been arrested or convicted of a criminal offense?


2.Were you arrested only and not convicted?


3. In the last 5 years have you had any speeding tickets or any altercations which resulted with police involvement or an incident report? (ie. argument with a neighbour or anything else that required police involvement)


4.Were you fingerprinted or photographed for your charge?


5.Is your criminal record:

a) Over 5 years old
b) Pardoned
c) All Of the above
d) None Of the above

6.Does your criminal record consist of:

a) Drug Charges
b) Drinkng and driving or domestic assault
c) Fraud, theft or breaking and entering
d) All of above
e) Other

7. Have you previously applied for a Pardon or U.S Entry Waiver and been denied?


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Trudeau government may alter
the criminal code for certain convictions.

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